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Once upon a time in rainy night in 2005, a soon to be bride is crying out loud because she couldn't find any wedding planner that she liked for her wedding day. After a thorough thinking and running out of tissue paper, Aprilla (that is the name of the bride, by the way) decided that she would planned and designed her own wedding in solo. That means no wedding planner, no wedding organizer; just her (and few of the nicest and closest people and a younger sister) to do the wedding.

And she did just that... a fantastic wedding celebration, filled with passion and detailed work of hand made arts and just WOWED everyone who came. Alas, Details Company was born.

Ever since, one person after another comes to ask for her help to design their wedding and how to run it well... just like she did on her own wedding day.

Fast forward five years, the younger sister who helped on Aprilla's wedding day, Ayu, has decided (with the help of the big sister, of course) to join the company and vowed in her heart to be true and undeterred in escalating the company's brand to a new level of awareness. Now, Details Company spreads its wings not only to customers in Jakarta, but also other parts of Indonesia and overseas.


The designer and creative force behind Details Company is one multitasking chick with a knack of creativity in every inch of her bone. Her passion is in designing a great concept and to give you the WOW factor in everything that she does. Basically she can change a simple bow into one glamorous dress, so talk to her about your special event, she'll blow your mind away...

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Joined Details Company in 2010 after finishing her MM degree and instantly immersed herself in everything on-the-get-go. Loves to bring her Mac book everywhere with a cup of Starbucks in her hand to meet the clients and find out what they need. Give her a buzz today, and you're on your way to get your dream event comes true.

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photography by David Soong of Axioo
Details Company | Event Design and Planning